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Featured Project 

Our current featured project comes from the home of Jane and Mike Wood. They had a kitchen and laundry room upgrade. Their upgrade included new appliances, counter tops, cabinets, and flooring.

Thank You!

Handy Harry and his team would like to extend a big thank you to their most recent customers:


  • Kim & Phillip Garton- Middleton, WI

  • Jonathon Zwettler- Sauk City, WI

  • Anna Lee Fradette- Mazomanie, WI

  • Ray & Michelle Peart- Mazomanie, WI

  • Andressa Endlick- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • John & Patricia Boehmer- Sauk City, WI

  • Steve & Laura Mallon- Spring Green, WI

  • Ernest & Shirley Johnson- Madison, WI

  • Arlington United Methodist Church- Arlington, WI

  • Greg & Sonya Gmeinder- Pardeeville, WI

  • Nick & Tara Luther- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Ryan & Jolene VonHaden- Sauk City, WI

  • John & Tracy Haupt- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Dave & Linda Lukens- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • George & Sharon Kerckhove- Waunakee, WI

  • Charles & Karen Murphree- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Dischler Heating & Cooling- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Jeff & Kathleen Smith- Waunakee, WI

  • Mike & Jane Wood- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Geri Breunig- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Sharon & Jim Roth- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Sauk City Library- Sauk City, WI

  • Jackie & Lynn Dailey- Lone Rock, WI

  • Nate & Jamie Nehring- Sauk City, WI

  • Scott & Melissa Manthe- Lodi, WI

  • Barb Brotzman- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Derrick Kepler- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • David & Ellen Lusse- Poynette, WI

  • Donna Seitz- Sauk City, WI

  • Pat Mommaerts- Black Earth, WI

  • Frank Perham- Chicago, IL

  • Debra Brookhyser- Mazomanie, WI

  • Derek Fourtner- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Jim & Susan Maginnis- Mazomanie, WI

  • SRR Properties, LLC- Black Earth, WI

  • Kim Kiori- Merrimac, WI

  • Tracy Quamme- Arlington, WI

  • Corinne Hill-Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Rhonda Marquardt- Sauk City, WI

  • Greg & Susan Hubanks

  • Anne Vanderkooi- Lodi, WI

  • Wendy Kammer- Sauk City, WI

  • Carol Jeffries- Loganville, WI

  • Lori Klitzke- Sauk City, WI

  • Judy Drury- Sauk City, WI

  • Janine Zable- Waunakee, WI

  • Angela Miley- Mazomanie, WI

  • Patricia Baudo- Sauk City, WI

  • Lucas Kemp- Lodi, WI

  • Marion Brown- Fitchburg, WI

  • Connie Hawkins- Baraboo, WI

  • Ron & Lois Bredeson- Verona, WI

  • Jason Needham- Arena, WI

  • Diane Bensenberg- Sauk City, WI

  • Jerry Kruschek- Waunakee, WI

  • Arnold & Jean Bye- Waunakee, WI

  • Kay Hutchison- Prairie du Sac,  WI

  • Courtesy Ford, Sauk City, WI

  • Charlotte Miller- Bettendorf, IA

  • Richard Groves- Lodi, WI

  • Joel & Carol Wish-Middleton, WI

  • Michael Haas- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Michael Balisle- Waunakee, WI

  • Karl & Sue Wanat

  • Kelly Ruskosky- Mazomanie, WI

  • Sam Rodriguez- Deforest, WI

  • Mary Jo Schaefer- Waunakee, WI

  • Mary Streich- Deforest- WI

  • Lucile Gasner- Prairie du Sac, WI

  • Jeanette Luther- Merrimac, WI

  • Dianne Kuehl- Sauk City, WI

  • Jeanne Humphery- Merrimac, WI

  • Eileene Sullivan- Prairie du Sac, WI