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Welcome to the newest section of our website! We are very excited to be adding this feature to our site for our clients. Here is where you can check out our current items we are promoting for sale. Keep in mind though that Handy Harry can make you any custom piece of furniture or shelving unit, what we are featuring here is a small example of the beautiful pieces Handy Harry can create for you.

Handy Harry knows a great idea and design concept when he sees one, and a hidden lock box shelf is a great example of that! These shelves can be used to secretly store important private documents like passports and social security cards, money, and even fire arms. The construction of these shelves is specifically designed to make them look like a normal wooden shelf whose hidden compartment drops down  to reveal a deep hidden compartment. The hinges and chain used in the construction of this shelf were chosen to ensure the bottom of the shelf will drop down smoothly and quietly, and to keep it from banging into the wall it is hanging on on. The locking mechanism is hidden with in the shelf to ensure that no one will know that the shelf is a lock box. The locking mechanism is unlocked with a simple magnet. The dimensions of the shelf are as follows, but of course if you need a larger or smaller one Handy Harry would be more than happy to talk to you about your specific needs. Length-20.5", Width- 7.5" and Height- 4.5". All the shelves are built using oak wood and can be finished with the paint or stain color of your choosing. If you have questions or you would like to discuss a custom shelf with Harry please call or email us.

Custom Hidden Lock Box Shelves         

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